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I’m (pretty) well aware of the history of the sport in this city, and that even Jackie Robinson played for the Royals. My girlfriend’s father is a huge baseball fanatic, and always talks about the days of going to a doubleheader on the weekends when he was a kid. But I still don’t think that nostalgia factor is enough to warrant a completely new franchise, with a new stadium..

It not like the team is called the Ducks or the Gohphers; we talking about a live bleeping wolverine here. They are dangerous and it would be animal cruelty to take a caged wolverine to games and functions. This is almost as stupid and dangerous as taking a terrarium full of rattlesnakes to a game because your team is called the I hope this idea never gets off the ground..

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S 0Donald Trump Jr. The couple is already parents to daughter Kai Madison, wholesale nfl jerseys from china 5 next week, wholesale nfl jerseys from china and Cheap Jerseys free shipping sons Donnie John III, 3, Cheap Jerseys free shipping and Cheap Jerseys free shipping Tristan Milos, wholesale nfl jerseys from china 7 months.
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