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  • We get back to the idea of constraints. «That’s why I like rhymes,» he says. «I like the sound of them, but when you use them well, they create meaning the rhyme scheme influences the verse. Harvard does have quotas, but they do have pools, but then again they have always had this, back to the 1800 when demand for schooling there exceed the supply of their education. But they originally pooled those applying for admissions as Divinity students,(in the 1700 and then everybody else. Harvard would be the first to admit early racial bias, but that changed fairly early on, but into the «institutional bias» which was almost just as insidious..
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  • Coney IslandConey island is a peninsula in Southern Brooklyn. Some people live here but it’s mostly a tourist spot. Coney Island offers the New York Aquarium (as mentioned above), the beach, amusement parks with rides, and the board walk with lots of food to sample, shops, arcades, and games where you can win prizes.
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  • Denis Savard played with Chicago from 1980 81 to 1989 90. Hespent a few years away with the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightningbefore returning to the Blackhawks for his final two and a half seasons in theNHL. Savard recorded five 100+ point seasons with Chicago, including 131 in1987 88.
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